We are able to seamlessly integrate the systems of an automated business, including video and audio systems, lighting and shade control, communication and conferencing systems.

Conference Rooms

Increase your meeting effectiveness with state-of-the-art conference room technology.

These days it takes more than comfortable chairs and polished tables to turn your conference room into a fully functional workspace — it requires an investment in technology. Safe & Sound experts have the knowledge and experience required to help you make that investment wisely.

The first necessary component in your multi-functional conference room is a networked computer. The next is a digital projector that allows you to clearly display your computer applications to a group. The importance of Internet access and increased reliance on computer-based presentation programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint makes this equipment vital.
Safe & Sound offers a wide variety of audio/video options.
Increase your company’s efficiency with automated office technology.

Conferencing equipment is another essential element for companies that regularly meet with people in different geographic locations. The three basic types of conferencing applications are:
Audio conferencing: permits multiple people to talk and listen on a single phone.
Data conferencing: allows sharing of text, images and data in real time.
Video conferencing: uses phone or data lines to transmit both audio and video.

Safe & Sound provides a wide range of audio/video conferencing solutions, tailored to your business needs.

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