We are able to seamlessly integrate the systems of an automated business, including video and audio systems, lighting and shade control, communication and conferencing systems.

Audio / Video

Safe & Sound is committed to helping you choose the right audio/video equipment to outfit your conference room technology system.

Digital projectors display your computer applications in the conference room. This is essential for showing presentations, spreadsheets or video clips to large groups of people. Digital projectors vary in regard to quality, features, price and ease of operation. A high-end alternative you may wish to consider is a plasma display panel (PDP), which offers a sharper, brighter image.

Video conferencing utilizes telecommunications of audio and video to bring people at different sites together for a meeting. This can be as simple as a conversation between two people in private offices (point-to-point) or involve several sites (multi-point) with multiple people. It can also be used to share documents or computer-displayed information.
Save both time and money with office automation technology.

Audio conferencing systems are designed so that multiple people in one room can easily and clearly hear and speak to callers. Equipment usually consists of an all-in-one portable unit that is placed at the center of a table and connected to a regular phone cord.

Safe & Sound specialists analyze sound quality, compatibility, office setting and ease of operation before recommending technology for your conference room system.

An investment in conference room technology is an investment in your company’s future.

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