We are able to seamlessly integrate the systems of an automated business, including video and audio systems, lighting and shade control, communication and conferencing systems.

Office Automation

Take control of your bottom line with automated office technology.

Today’s office technology is complex, and often complicated to control, operate and maintain. Safe & Sound offers you expertise, and a wide variety of applications that can simplify and streamline your processes to save both time and money.

With an Safe & Sound automated room control system, you can easily regulate a wide range of electronic equipment (audio, video, projectors, screens, blinds, lighting, temperature, security and communication) from one central location.

  • Increase your meeting efficiency with automated conference room technology.
  • Easily control audio, video, projectors, screens, blinds, lighting, temperature, security and communication equipment from one central location with an SIS automated room control system.

Our experts will customize the features and options to accommodate your business requirements, and make it easy for you to take control with a simple touch panel, remote or custom keypad system.

Let Safe & Sound take care of your office technology while you take care of business.

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