We are able to seamlessly integrate the systems of an automated business, including video and audio systems, lighting and shade control, communication and conferencing systems.

Central Vacuum System

Create a cleaner, healthier environment in your office.

A powerful central vacuum system installed by Safe & Sound, will allow your carpet and floors to be cleaned thoroughly, removing dust and allergens from your office environment more effectively than any portable vacuum. In addition to maintaining a cleaner working space, you’ll also be maintaining a much healthier environment for you and your employees.

  • As a Beam Central Vacuum dealer, Safe & Sound is able to offer the very best systems available in the industry.
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With a central vacuum system from Safe & Sound, there’ll be no more long tangled cords or bulky canisters to deal with. Our installers will locate the main power unit in a remote area of your building and connect it to several conveniently placed inlets by tubing that’s concealed under floors or in the ceiling. Anyone can simply insert the hose into the closest inlet and begin vacuuming.

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